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YAMA keeps over 2000 bows with different styles and colors on stock sale and each one has 50-150 thousand pieces in stock. These handmade delicate ribbon bows apply to a large variety of fields. Compared with other ribbon bows on the market, YAMA ribbon bows are of high quality and competitive price. In terms of designing new bows, YAMA bares the demands of terminal customers as the guideline and combines with the current fashion trend.

YAMA Indian Bow factory was put into production to provide YAMA global suppliers with better quality, lower price and better efficiency. To control product quality, professional QC team has been sent to India; to offer the most competitive price, YAMA implements the business mode of low labor cost and mass bow inventory; to ensure the delivery date and smooth Indian worker management, YAMA adopts innovative salary system, generous benefits and over 1000 frontline staff. YAMA Indian Bow Factory would like to contribute to your wealth.

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