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During the 20 years of development since its foundation, Yama Ribbons and Bows has grown into a diverse group company operating globally. We have 21 branches and agents spreading through the major cities in China, accompanied by 37 flagship brand stores. That helps to facilitate our dominant role in the domestic market. We boast the largest and most regulated professional production system and brand marketing team in the industry.

In 2014, Ribest Ribbon and Bows (India) PVT. LTD, a sub-brand under Yama Ribbons, was officially launched into production. We became the first Xiamen enterprise that had invested in manufacturing in South Asia. At the beginning of 2017, Chairman Yao Ming made a new strategic plan to invest another RMB 200 million to upgrade RIBEST India. Ribest India, which aims to expand the domestic market of India, will provide another 1000 job opportunities for the locals.

No ADD & CVD issue
Build up area: 32,930 sqm

Bows capacity: 5 million pcs
Ribbon capacity: 8 Million Yards

1,000+ Employees
50+ Management team

Manufacturing Procedure

Professional Quality Control

Details of industry standards
1. FZ/T 63030-2015 Polyester yarn dyed plaid ribbon
2. FZ/T 63031-2015 polyester & polyamide printed ribbon
3. FZ/T 63032-2015 Polyester monofilament ribbon
4. FZ/T 63042-2018 Heat-transfer printed ribbon
5. FZ/T 63046-2018 Ribbon bow
6. FZ/T 63052-2020 Polyester short fiber ribbon
7. FZ/T 63013-Polyester filament ribbon (It has been submitted for approval and publicity)

Development History

Yama New Industrial Park

Certificates & Audit Qualification

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