Top 5 Types of Ribbon Bows to Faxcinate Your Loved Ones

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5 Types of Ribbon Bows

Types of Ribbon Bows


Christmas is a perfect occasion that guarantees a memorable time with your friends and family and is filled with joyful decorations and good cheer. Regardless of your belief and principals, this day is full of happiness, love, and fun. To get themselves in the spirit, people across the globe celebrate this event by decorating their home and enjoying this occasion. But I’m sure, your Christmas is incomplete without all those amazing gifts and what makes it even more appealing are different types of ribbon bows to wrap these gifts.

In this section, we will learn more about different types of ribbon bows that add more colors and glorious touch to our gifts.


Different Types of Bow Tie Ribbons

Just like your gifts are unique, we are sure that you want the same for your bow tie ribbons. Different types of ribbon bows that include satin ribbon bows, grosgrain ribbon bows, burlap ribbon bows, cotton ribbon bows, and velvet ribbon bows are very popular these days. Let’s explore all of them one by one.


Satin Ribbon BowsSatin Ribbon Bows

When it comes to selecting from different types of ribbon bows, satin ribbon bows may turn out to be your favorite due to their pliable and soft texture with shiny surface. Your gift surely stands out due to its matt surface, while these ribbon bows are available in variety of printed or solid colors with variation in its width.

As these inexpensive ribbons are available in every possible color that you can imagine, it is highly preferred by crafters and are used for all purposes. Perhaps it is popular as the most versatile ribbon bow due to its double face and single face variations and the subtle sheen that it adds to a gift wrapping makes it as an ideal choice at the disposal of a crafter.



Grosgrain Ribbon BowsGrosgrain Ribbon Bows

The closet of any crafter is incomplete without grosgrain ribbon bows. Unlike the others, these types of ribbon bows has the right amount of elasticity, while its horizontal fibers adds that durability for edging and trimming gifts. Even for the most specific color scheme, this type of ribbon bow will come handy as it comes in a variety of patterns and colors.

Among all types of ribbon bows, they have distinctive crosswise ridges and are durable due to their coarse texture. As there are multiple types of ribbon bows to choose from, therefore, for beginners it can be quite challenging to pick the right width for grosgrain ribbon bows. Your choice should be based on your personal preference and characteristics of the gift as all widths are not suitable to get that perfect look.


Burlap Ribbon Bows

Burlap ribbon bows are one of the most favorite types of ribbon bows that are made from flax, jute, or hemp fibers. If you are in need of a homey touch, burlap ribbon bows convey that rustic classic charm for fun crafting, gift wrapping, and home décor.

Apart from its sensual look, most people are not aware of the amazing benefits that accompany burlap ribbon bows as it is recyclable and bio-gradable, thus making it eco-friendly. Presentation is everything when you wrap your Christmas gifts with burlap. Try to be open minded, creative, and stay committed when picking a color scheme if you have decided to use this type of ribbon bow for your Christmas gifts.

The secret that lies in nailing your presents with this type of ribbon bow requires you to be both clever and innovative. Arrange it in different patterns rather than using it specifically to tie a ribbon. As burlap ribbon bows comes in various colors, use silk flowers, add buttons, and if you are using solid color wrapping paper, then do not be afraid to mix it up.


Cotton Ribbon BowsCotton Ribbon Bows

For a strong presence in events or weddings or wrapping gifts for a Christmas dinner, the delicate looking cotton ribbon bows are perfect in the form of a floppy or a limp bow. These types of ribbon bows are preferred by crafters to add that finishing touch to flower bouquets, paper invitations, or greeting card. Go for a wired edge with cotton ribbon bows, especially if the sight of a beautiful sturdy bow attracts you.



Velvet Ribbon Bows

The thought of velvet ribbon bows surely give you a sense of elegance aVelvet Ribbon nd luxury. Thus, these types of ribbon bows are the perfect material for high-end craft or special events like Christmas. Velvet ribbon bows are the best choice for business and home décor due to their endless color options and plush texture. Ideal occasions like winter weddings, birthdays, and holidays like Christmas are incomplete without a touch of velvet ribbon bows.

These types of ribbon bows exude luxury with its rich hues and plush texture. Another advantage of velvet ribbon bows is associated its adaptability for colder months of the year, making it perfect for the Christmas.

Attention all crafters! Without any doubt, velvet ribbon bows is the type of bow tie you will fall in love with. It is one of the most popular ribbons due to its decadent shine and rich texture and velvet ranges from metallic edge to hand dyed ribbons.

This sumptuous trim is something to fall in love with due to its assortment of single and double sided ribbons. If you want to add glamour or charm to your Christmas gifts, this bow tie is the best to choose from.

So, these are some of the most popular types of ribbon bows that are commonly used for Christmas gifts. Even if you are a beginner, give it a try as perfection always comes from experimentation. Once you have gain expertise in these types of ribbon bows, you may try others that are also available in the market.

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