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Yama is proud to be great manufacturer and distributor of polyester ribbon, organza ribbon, printing ribbon, ribbon bows, ribbon retail packages in the world. We have been globally recognized as the leading enterprise in the ribbon industry.YAMA color swatch is widely recognized as industrial standard and has become the standard in the worldwide ribbon industry.YAMA was the first one that has acquired the certificate of OEKO-TEX in ribbon industry.

One-stop Service

Integrate shopping, after-sales service and offering industry solutions

Exclusive Customization

Full set of logo design and packaging customization

Environmental Material

Eco-friendly material such as organic cotton, biodegradable Tencel, RPET material

Patent Protection

5 design patents, 36 utility model patents, 1 software patent

Partner brands

Feature product

Customized Logo

Free design and good color fastness

Fringe Chiffon

Finished with frayed edge is extremely nice and soft to touch
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