Three Holiday Ornaments Anyone Can Make

Do you spend loads of money on holiday ornaments every year, trying to create a unique and unforgettable Christmas tree display? Do you wish holiday decorating were simpler and more affordable?

If so, here are three fun and easy ideas for creating your very own recycled Christmas tree ornaments! Remember, decorating need not be costly or stressful. Creating your own ornaments out of everyday household items can be one of the most rewarding and stress-busting activities of the fast-paced holiday season.

1. Make a Whimsical Light Bulb Reindeer

You will need:

One used light bulb
Brown felt cloth or fun foam
Acrylic paints and brushes
1 small red pom-pom

First, paint the light bulb brown. Set aside and let dry. Once the brown paint on the light bulb has dried completely, use a paint brush to paint eyes and a mouth on your reindeer. When the paint has dried begin to glue the red pom-pom nose onto the end of the light bulb, just above the mouth. Next, use the brown cloth or foam to fashion a pair of antlers for your reindeer. Glue these to the side of the light bulb. Finally, cut a small piece ribbon, loop and tie into a knot, and glue it to the top of your reindeer light bulb ornament.

2. Make a CD photo ornament. This is a great personal gift to give to someone you love.

You will need:
An old CD
A piece of felt fabric
A photograph

Use the CD as pattern to cut out a round piece of felt. Carefully spread glue on the back of the CD. Place the felt circle that you’ve cut out over the CD, and pressed gently. Make sure you haven’t put too much glue on the back of the CD!

Next, cut around the photograph you plan on using. Trace the picture onto a piece of felt, leaving about ½ inch around the sides. Glue the picture onto the felt, and then mount onto the CD with glue. The photograph should cover the hole in the middle of the CD.

Finally, cut a piece of ribbon and tie it into a loop. Glue it onto the back of the CD. Your CD photo ornament is now ready to be hung!

3. Make greeting card ornaments. Do you hate parting with all those beautiful Christmas cards you receive each year? Instead of throwing them out or keeping them shelved away, why not transform them into beautiful Christmas tree ornaments?

Cut out your favorite Christmas card images and mount them onto wooden craft shapes with glue. For an older finish, varnish them, drill a small hole at the top, and then tie ribbons at the tops. You can also cut out your favorite images from cards, laminate them, punch a hole at the top, and use a piece of ribbon as the hanger. If you don’t want to cut anything out, an even simpler approach is to glue the front and back of the card together. Punch a hole at the top of the card, loop a piece of ribbon and it’s ready to hang.