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Ribbons: whether silver sparkle ribbon or black and white wired ribbon is your thing, we talk about it all!

Ribbons are so versatile and are a great way to embellish your arts and crafts, gift wrapping and accessories. While trends in ribbons change, there is something to be said for classic ribbon colors and designs. If you know a good ribbon company, you’ll find they often have a Christmas ribbon sale, which is a great opportunity to stock up on bulk ribbon ready to spend the year designing and crafting. Let’s take a look at our favorite ribbons and ribbon projects.


Silver sparkle ribbon – a versatile ribbon all year round


There will be a lot of silver sparkle ribbon about in a Christmas ribbon sale but the truth is, this style of ribbon is great for projects all year round. Come spring and summer, when we begin the typical wedding season, there is a lot of call for arts and crafts with silver sparkle ribbon adornment. If you’re going to a wedding, here are some ideas for using your ribbon:

  • Making a homemade card with ribbon decoration.
  • Wrapping the wedding gift in silver paper with ribbon wrapped beautifully over the top.
  • Creating silver sparkle ribbonbows around the steps of champagne flutes – this would make a great gift.

If you’re into ribbon craft for online selling platforms like Etsy, you could use your bulk ribbon to create lots of versions of one design, if you find it sells well. For example, ribbon bows to tie around flower bouquets or ribbon hair accessories for bridesmaids.

Baptisms and Christenings

Babies are often given silver as a baptism or christening gift and so silver sparkle ribbon can be used for crafts here too. Let’s take a look at some ideas:

  • A taggy blanket for the new baby using ribbon adornments.
  • A homemade christening card with ribbon adornments.
  • Ribbon decorations to attach to helium balloons.

Birthday and anniversary parties

Ribbons are great for decorating things for birthday parties. Bows around glasses, ribbons on balloons as well as hair styles for young and old alike. Silver sparkle ribbon is an ideal decoration for a silver wedding anniversary too!

Black and white wired ribbon – for chic and stylish craft projects

Wired ribbons are so versatile and easy to work with. They’re just like your typical ribbon but with a thin wire sewn carefully along its edges. It’s a genius and simple concept that has a stunning effect. A wired ribbon is ideal for ribbon crafts when you’re a beginner too and they create great high visual impact. You can create dramatic bows and loops for decorations and gifts. Here are some more reasons why you should invest in bulk ribbons with wire.

  1. They last ages!

You can use wired ribbons for outdoor projects as well as indoor ones. They are usually really durable in terms of their fabric type and their edges make them perfect for decorations. Our favorite is black and white wired ribbon. You can get some stunning designs in monochrome!

  1. They are so easy to use

With a wired ribbon, you can make bows so easily. If you can do a loop, you can do a bow! All you need to do is make a loop at one end of the ribbon on top of the over, twist it and you have a loop. You don’t need anything else. No need for tape or glue! Wired ribbon means you can do some really intricate and creative designs and expand your bow-making repertoire quite easily!

  1. They come in lots of different colors and patterns.

As I said earlier, we really love black and white wired ribbon for our projects and even with these two colors, there are so many different syles and designs. The possibilities are endless and you can find every color and pattern that you will ever want online.

  1. Wired ribbon bows have maximum visual impact.

When you have your favorite ribbon style picked out, you can begin the experimentation fun. Wire is so easy to use, you won’t need to worry about your ribbon slipping or your shape falling. Here are some great ideas for creating bows with your wired ribbon.

  • Basic bow – basic bows use sturdy material like grosgrain but with a wired ribbon, the fabric type doesn’t matter. Create a basic bow by forming two loops and crossing one loop over the other one before tying together. Simply tighten them to secure and fluff out the loops to give them a more desired shape.
  • Dramatic Tail Down Bows. This type of bow is the easiest bow type to create but it looks so dramatic. If you want a dramatic bow, all you need to do is create a basic bow but make the tails longer. These look great in satin.
  • Pinwheel bows – these look quite complicated but they’re really easy to make when using a ribbon with a wired edge. All you need to do is fold the ribbon into three layers that are even, cinch or twist the middle to secure it and then fluff out the folded edges to shape the bow.

Get what you need for the whole year at a Christmas Ribbon Sale

Any good ribbon company will have a Christmas Ribbon Sale. This is the ideal time to buy up bulk ribbon even if you don’t have any plans or projects in mind. Having bulk ribbon in your craft cupboard means that when you suddenly think of a new ribbon crafting idea, you don’t lose enthusiasm because you have to go out and buy it before you can start getting on with the task! Also, if you buy bulk ribbon, the ribbon company might offer a discount! The beauty of planning ahead is that you don’t miss out on opportunities. Christmas is a great time to replenish your arts and crafts stock!

Knowing More about Different Fantastic Types of Ribbons Today

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