YAMA Polyester Grosgrain Ribbon Black White Series 26600

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High Quality Polyester Grosgrain Ribbon

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Polyester Grosgrain Ribbon   No. 26600

Material: 100% polyester

Colors: 196 colors in stock, Pantone color check and customer’s color are available.

Packing: 3mm in width, 350 yards/roll

5mm in width, 250 yards/roll

6mm-100mm in width, 100 yards/roll

Lead Time: stock sale for YAMA color, 5-7 days for DTM color.

YAMA Polyester Grosgrain Ribbon Wholesale (No. 26600) is made of 100% high quality polyester filament yarn. With the characteristics of bright color, fine texture and grain, high color fastness, soft and wrinkle-resistant, strong degree of dry friction, good stereoscopic grain effect and rich power in shaping, it wins the love of ornament industry and gift packing industry. Printed Grosgrain Ribbon

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