YAMA Eco-Friendly Recycled Ribbon With RPET Material



①Current Width: 003/005/006/009/013/016/019/022/025/038mm,MOQ 1000yds/Item (Lead Time about 15 working days);

②Other Width for 002/028/032mm, MOQ 100000yds/Item (Need Negotiate for Lead Time);

③Other Width for 050/057/063/075/089/100mm, MOQ 50000yds/Item (Need Negotiate for Lead Time);


1. More eco friendly: Less pollution to the environment.

2. Recyclable: Yarn is extracted from discarded mineral water bottles and Coke bottles to achieve waste recycling. 

3. Save resources: Reducing the amount of oil used, saving 6 tons of oil per ton of finished yarn, contributing to reducing air pollution and controlling the greenhouse effect.

4. Quality Assurance: International GRS authoritative certification, environmental indicators meet the latest European and US environmental standards.

Recycled Ribbon



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