How to make custom printed grosgrain ribbon?

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Printed grosgrain ribbons look beautiful on gifts, flower bouquets and any kind of custom packaging. Whether you want to use personalized grosgrain ribbons for a wedding or you want cheap grosgrain ribbon on which you can print your brand logo for packaging items that will be sent to customers, grosgrain ribbons have a lot of uses. So why settle for plain ribbons when you can heighten its aesthetics with beautiful prints of your choice?

About Grosgrain

Grosgrain is a type of fabric where the weft is heavier than the warp. As a result, the ribbons made of this fabric are known to be long-lasting and versatile. It is available in a variety of colors and sizes, making it perfect for customized printing solutions. You can print your brand logo along with a tag line on grosgrain ribbon wholesale rolls for a personalized customer experience. Because they are stronger than the satin ribbons, these are excellent for packing products. Grosgrain is also used in the fashion industry for creating small embellishments like bows on frocks and skirts. They are also used for hair accessories.


Step-by-step instructions to make printed grosgrain ribbons:

The instructions below will help you custom print grosgrain ribbons at your home. These can be ideal if you are looking for Christmas grosgrain ribbon or you plan to print the ribbons for just a single occasion. But if you are planning of bulk grosgrain ribbon printing, then these steps can be extremely time-taking and they may not be feasible. There are ribbon printing machines which are ideal for printed grosgrain ribbons which must be created on a large scale.

You will need:

Grosgrain ribbon, size and color of your choice
Inkjet printer with colored ink
Inkjet transfer paper
Household iron
Software programs like Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Word

Step 1: Wash the ribbon (optional)printed grosgrain ribbon

Fabrics tend to lose color and shape over a period of time. By washing the ribbon, you ensure that you will not have problems related to color bleeding or printing at a later stage. The entire process of washing your ribbons would ideally be over in just a few minutes, but the drying can take some time.

Take the ribbon from the roll and dip it into soapy water at normal temperature. Avoid hot water since it may change the shape of the ribbon. Allow it to soak for about 5 minutes and give it a swish. Remove the ribbon from the water and hang it dry. Once the ribbon is dry, iron it gently. This will flatten the ribbon allowing you to easily create your printed grosgrain ribbon.

Make sure that you iron the ribbon at low heat because most grosgrain ribbons are made of materials which can be damaged in high heat.

Step 2: Create your design

The next step is completed on your computer. There are a lot of design options when it comes to creating printed grosgrain ribbon. You can design polka dot grosgrain ribbon which matches the color theme of an occasion or your brand. Or you can print the brand logo, or you can create a unique design to match an occasion. Like a baby shower can use beautiful cradles on the grosgrain ribbon while a Christmas party can have candy striped grosgrain ribbon.

You can use any software program for creating the design. Make sure that the design is scaled to the size of your ribbon. So if your ribbon is 1 inch wide, then the design should ideally be a little smaller than 1 inch in order to perfectly fit on the ribbon. Once the design is ready; use the mirror image feature to create a mirror image of the design.

Copy and paste this design on the whole page so that you have lots of images of the same design filled up on the page. They should be set equally apart so that it looks symmetrical when printed on the ribbon.

Step 3: Test your design

Test the design by printing it on plain paper to figure if you need to make some changes to it. While polka dot grosgrain ribbon and striped grosgrain ribbon printing will not need too many design changes, unique brand names and logos will need some extent of customization to make sure that it perfectly fits on the ribbon.

Cut the printed sheet into strips which would go on the ribbon. For your test design, you can print just one or two strips of the design on the sheet to save ink. Cut the paper into strips in the same way your ribbon is rolled if cut into strips. Now take the printed strip and put it in top of your grosgrain ribbon to check if you have to make any changes. If everything looks alright, then you can proceed to the next step to create your custom printed grosgrain ribbon. If the design does not fit on the ribbon properly, then adjust the settings and the size of the design and conduct a test print once again.

Step 4: Print your sheet

After successfully testing your design, you can print it on the transfer sheet. Check carefully for instructions on the transfer sheet and make sure you print it on the right side. Identify which side it has to be printed on and then insert it into the printer. Print the sheet and then cut it into long strips which would go on to your grosgrain ribbon.

Step 5: Iron the design on to the grosgrain ribbon

The last step for creating your printed grosgrain ribbon is to take the strips of printed design and place it carefully on top of the ribbon. Adjust your iron’s heat settings according to the instructions mentioned on the transfer sheet. Factor in the quality of your grosgrain ribbon to ensure that you do not damage the ribbon fabric. Cheap grosgrain ribbon may be made of materials which can get easily damaged while cotton ribbons can handle higher heat settings. Once the design is ironed on to the ribbon you are ready to use your printed grosgrain ribbon.

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