Pebble Card Printer

Pebble card printer is a brand name from the famous plastic card printer, Evolis. Pebble card printer is being considered as the optimal solution to all plastic card printing needs. It is the total answer to all concerns about ID card, loyalty card, and membership card printing jobs.

Pebble card printer comes in various designs and new features are added as new models are being introduced. The Pebble MAC OS ID Card Printer was invented to make plastic card printing simpler. It is capable in printing photographic images, logos, bar codes, and magnetic filmstrip filled cards.

Every Pebble card printer like the new MAC OS X is equipped with MAC OS X drivers which is easier to use and install even the first-time users can do the job minus the experts. The printer is still compatible with Windows 95 and Windows 98, NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Pebble card printer comes with multiple feeders, so cards can be actually preloaded and assigned with different designated designs. Changing from one feeder to another is no longer needed especially if multiple printing jobs are on the list. The printer, by the way has a huge memory that makes encoding and retrieving data more accessible.

This Pebble card printer can finish 150/hour for colored prints that is roughly five cards for two minutes. This speed is not bad after all considering that colored printing needs more time than the black and whiter one.

For monochrome printing, the machine can print as much as 1000 cards per hour, which is approximately 16 plastic cards per minute. Producing prints at this speed is virtually impossible, but with Evolis Pebble card printer everything is possible. All prints are done in color dye-sublimation as well as thermal transfer for monochrome prints. Every print has a laboratory quality finish, thanks to its 300 dots per inch (dpi) resolution.

The Pebble card printer can use different types of ribbon. For monochrome print ribbon it can finish 1000 cards per roll. The Blackwax monochrome ribbon is especially designed for varnished plastic cards. If hologram ribbon is used it can consume 350 cards per roll. There are also two and five panel black monochrome ribbon which can prints 200 and 500 cards per roll respectively with yellow, magenta, cyan, black and orange color base. For half panel color ribbon that also has the same basic color base (YMCKO) it can print 400 cards for every roll.

The printer comes in different bright colors to choose from that guarantee the same perfect performance and result.