Making a Bow with Ribbon

Normal ribbon

  1. The Basic Bow

There are a few simple steps involved in creating a basic bow out of ribbon:

  • Measure out a length of ribbon for cutting. Make sure it is long enough for shaping and so that the tail is long enough at the end. You can then lay the ribbon down on your working surface to make the next step easier.
  • Bring the tail end of the ribbon to the middle and overlap them. This will create two loops and two tails.
  • You can adjust the ribbon to create the ideal size of the loops and length of the tails. You want either side to be symmetrical.
  • Now pick the ribbon up for this step. Fold one loop over the other. Guide it around the back and then pull it through the center hole. Pull both loops to either side and make the center tight.
  • If the bow is not symmetrical or the proportions are not perfect, you can adjust them.


  1. The Grosgrain Ribbon Bow

If you want a bow that is ideal to add to a gift box, use the following steps:

  • Measure out a piece of ribbon, about 2 meters in length. Wrap it around the length of the box and glue/ tape it down. Do not cut off the extra piece.
  • Use the extra piece of ribbon and make a loop. Join the loop to the center and stick it in place. Make a second loop in the same way.
  • Continue to create loops like this. Make about three more to make the bow look full.


Wired Ribbon

  1. The Basic Bow

This process is very similar to that of the basic bow made from the normal ribbon:

  • Once again you will measure a length of ribbon and cut it. The ribbon length will determine the size of your bow. For a larger bow, use a longer piece of ribbon. The width of the ribbon also plays a role in the length you will need. If it is a wider ribbon, you will need a longer piece.
  • Find the center of your ribbon. Create two loops. One on either side of the center point. Make the loops point upward.
  • Cross the loops over each other. Let one hoop go through the hole you have created. Tighten the knot by pulling the loops to either side.
  • Now you can adjust the ribbon by pulling on the loops or tails. Once the loops are the ideal size, pull them simultaneously to tighten the knot.
  • You may need to straighten out the knot if you have a wide ribbon. You can do this by slipping your forefingers under the knot and removing the wrinkles.
  • If the tails are too long, you can trim them. Cut them into angles or notches.


  1. The Looped Bow

If you want to create a cute bow to stick onto any gift, follow these instructions to make a looped bow:

  • Hold the ribbon with the bottom side facing you. Roll the ribbon to form a circle with two tails. Use your thumb and forefinger to hold the ribbon in place.
  • Make another loop using the same method, on the other side of the ribbon. Use your other thumb and forefinger to hold it in place.
  • Tighten the previous hoops and continue making hoops in one direction.
  • Continue twisting the ribbon to keep the right side visible. Make as many loops as you want. You can also create as many rows as you would like to make the bow bigger.
  • Use a piece of thin wire to hold the bow together. Thread it through the first loop and wrap it under the bow. You can secure the bow by wrapping it a few times. Trim off the excess. You could also use one of the tail pieces to tie the loops together.
  • If your bow doesn’t have any ribbon left to create tails, you can add tails. You can do this by cutting a length of ribbon that is double the size of your ideal tail length. Next, fold it in half and use wire to attach it to the back of the bow. Cut the tail ends into angles or notches.
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