How to Make Roses Out of Ribbon

This is a ribbon rose DIY tutorial which will show you how to make 6 different types of roses out of ribbon. Not much is required when making the ribbon roses. The only materials you need are some different colored ribbons, cotton thread to match the ribbon color, a small section of felt and a basic sewing machine. Some optional extras you could need include: floral wire a quick setting glue such as superglue.


The easy and simple way to make rose

Take about 50 cm of ribbon, the longer the ribbon the more petals you can make. It can be any width; this will change the size of your rose depending on the ribbon width. Make wide herring-bone stitches all the way along the full length. Just before you are finished, before cutting the cotton, just pull and tighten the thread. This forms the rose as you do it. Maneuver the folds into the desired form. Fix the rose securely with the thread, then make a knot. To finish off the look, you can add a pretty pearl or bead to the middle and secure using thread or glue.


Gathered Rose

This is by far the easiest one to make with ribbons. Use a ribbon of approximately 80 cm or more. Make basting stitches along the long edge (long stitches by hand using needle and thread). If you would like a stem, keep a piece of floral wire of an appropriate length then twist the ribbon that was gathered around the wire. By gathering the initial folds you made you create a “bud” in the center. Continue to gather the folds you did first, very tightly. The bud in the middle of the rose is now done. Then gather the ribbon loosely all along the edges to make the remainder of the rose. Take the remaining untouched edge, fold it with the felt base to create gathers. To end it all off, you can fix the rose in place with floral wire or thread.


Rose with Round Petals

To make this ribbon rose start with 3 cm wide (or wider) ribbon cut to 2 different sizes: 6 cm long and 9 cm long. Cut 6 pieces for each. Fold the 2 sides to form a triangle shape towards the base and then stitch it to the base. Take one small piece and curve and fold it into a tightly formed bud. Tie thread tightly at the base. Now tie the other smaller pieces around the bud. The opposite edge of the ribbon (rear folds) will face upwards. Now tie the bigger pieces around the small ones. Tie with thread at the base to secure.


Loop Rose

To get started you need 3cm wide ribbon with about 1.5m in length. Start by making loops and then stitching them at the base. The initial loops must measure +- 3 cm long. The bigger the flower, the bigger the loops as they form the outside of the petals. Make the petals by sewing adjacent loops and stitch to the base. As you progress through the process you should be making smaller loops. Take super glue; roll the loop of ribbon that you have into a rose and glue it in place, smaller loops inside and the longer ones outside.


Rose with Pointy Petals

Satin ribbons make for a more natural-looking rose opposed to nylon, however, both will work. Cut pieces of ribbon that are 6 cm and 9 cm in length, make 6 pieces of each length or more. Take a 6cm ribbon and curl to form the bud. Secure it to the base with thread and set aside for later use. The remainder of the ribbon is used to form the rose petals. Attach the petals around the bud to form the rose.


Pleated Rose

To make this rose, you should use 3 cm wide ribbon. You will make pleats on this ribbon. You can pleat while sewing it with the sewing machine. The part that comes to the center should be pleated closer than the outer edge. Cut a circular piece of felt and attach the ribbon by hand. Sew from outside all the way in until it forms a flower and you can’t go any further.