How to Make Ribbon Flowers Step by Step

There are so many different ways to make flowers out of ribbon. Today I will show you how to make 6 different types of beautiful flowers. This is the easiest way to make these ribbon flowers. These craft flowers make perfect enhancements on anything that you sew as long it’s not washed inside a washing machine. It is recommended that it is washed by hand. The ribbon flowers look beautiful as single flowers but when multiple flowers are put together you have a beautiful garden wherever you want it.


The Easy Gathered Flower

This gathered flower is one of the most beautiful simple flowers you can make from the ribbon.

  1. You start by taking ribbon that is 30cm in length and 1cm in width in the color you choose for your flower.
  2. Take the ribbon and fold it 8 cm from one side (short side – this will ensure the cut edge is folded inwards).
  3. Using a sewing needle create a running stitch along the long edge of the ribbon.
  4. To create the gathering effect, you will need to pull the stitches gently. Once the desired look is achieved, stitch the 2 loose ends together. To add to the design, you can stitch a round bead or pearl or even a sequin in the center.


You can make a multi-colored flower by using 2 different material colors or use different fabrics for a textured look.


Pleated Flower


You can make a beautiful carnation type flower by pleating ribbon. To make this flower you need a ribbon that is about 50cm in length and 1 cm. Cut the ribbon. Pleat it into inverted pleats. The pleats need to be relatively small.  After you have pleated it, it will be about 25 cm long. After the pleating is finished just roll it and it turns into a wonderful flower. It resembles a carnation. You can make multiple color carnations for a pretty bouquet.


Pleated Flower 2

To create this style of pleated flower you need to use a ribbon that is around 3cm in width. The pleats are made as you sew with the sewing machine. The piece that ends in the middle should be pleated closer to the outer edge.

Thread a needle with matching color cotton of cotton and hand stitch the pleated ribbon on to a small round piece of felt. Attach the ribbon to the outer edge and work your way inwards until the flower takes shape. Once you have stitched the ribbon all the way to the center you should end up with a pretty flower.


Knotty Flower

This flower is very cute and easy to make. Multiple lengths of ribbon will be needed for this one. I would suggest going with 8 cm long ribbons for the outer petals and 6 cm long ribbons for the inner petals. Knot each piece of ribbon and put it aside. Fold the ribbon pieces that have the knots in the middle. Use a needle and thread and attach the pieces that are knotted to a base piece of felt or fabric. The edges of the ribbon that are cut should be together. Layer the pieces of ribbon in a flower shape. For the petals on the inside take smaller pieces of ribbon, of around 6 cm in length. Now assemble it and attach them until they are all attached. Cut as many lengths as you need for the size of the flower you want. Add a bead other decoration to hide the raw petal edges, stitching and joints.


Ruched Flower

Choose the color ribbon or ribbons you want for your flower. The ribbon should be semi-stiff.  You can use starch or similar if the ribbon is too floppy. There is no specific length needed, however you should ensure you have quite a lot to make a decent size flower. Thread a needle with a matching color thread and sew in a zig-zag pattern along the edges of the ribbon. If you use small stitches the flower will be a lot neater. The big stitches are typically used for a quick design. Pull it all together for a gorgeous ruched flower.


Looped Ribbon Flower

This flower is created from multiple loops of ribbon. Cut 0.50cm wide ribbon into multiple small pieces of approximately 8 cm in length. I normally wind the ribbon around three fingers multiple times. Then I cut it to make multiple pieces of ribbon. Each piece can be measured and cut on their own, however, this can be quite a lengthy process. Create a loop stitch by alternating sides of the batches of the ribbon. Once the loop has been created cut the ribbon in the middle. Add more loops using the same process but using different color ribbon. You can create more loops and add a different color to make multiple different flowers.