Appealing Christmas decorations have become a common tradition during the season. The typical decorations include candles, red Christmas bow, bows bells, candy canes, and stockings. Moreover, double sided satin ribbon, wreaths, angels, rose gold Christmas ribbon and snow globes are also among the top favorite Christmas décor items.


Red Christmas Bow – The Charm of ChristmasRed Christmas Bow

Bows add up perfectly to the Christmas decorations. They can make any accessory, gift or decorative item immensely beautiful by giving a breath-taking accent to any gift. They are the perfect gift topper and an awe-inspiring addition to your Christmas décor. The wider the bow, the more beautiful it is. But, is it easy to make a perfect red Christmas bow?


Get to Know How to Tie a Red Christmas Bow with Ease

Just like you have mastered the art of tying shoelaces in childhood, you can also learn this unique art as well. However, tying a flawless red Christmas bow, especially a satin ribbon bow, can be little tricky. But you don’t have to feel intimidated, it’s not as difficult as it looks. Let’s explore about it.

You know what? You can tie different types of satin ribbon bows of any color for a perfect colorful look. Be it a rose gold Christmas ribbon or purple Christmas ribbon. You just need to learn the satin ribbon craft with the red Christmas bow and you are good to go.

If you are looking for a cheap Christmas ribbon option, then look for any Christmas ribbon sales. Can’t find one? Learn the satin ribbon craft and make as many red Christmas bows as you want!

Be it simple bows which are ideal for festivals and flower girl sashes or more elaborate ones with wide satin ribbon bows adding a perfect accent to your Christmas decorations, we have got you covered.

When you pack a basic greeting card or a gift package for someone, we often tie a satin ribbon bow which looks really good. At times this ribbon bow is very small that it’s really difficult to make it yourself. Here, we bring you an easy yet innovative way of tying a satin red Christmas ribbon bow with the help of an ordinary fork! Cool, isn’t it? However, fork’s size depends on the size of bow you want.


Making Satin Ribbon BowSatin Ribbon Bow

Now, let’s learn to make a perfect satin ribbon bow.

Following are the tools and materials that you may need:


You can use any kind of ribbon to make a simple bow. It can be grosgrain, silk, velvet or wired. Choose the desired thickness of your ribbon. Any width would look good, however, the wider it is, the prettier it will look!

The supplies that you may need are ribbon, ruler and scissors.


Instructions for making a bow out of ribbon:

How to make a Wide Floral Ribbon Bow?

Floral Ribbon bow style is often used for a final touch on a corsage or a bud vase. Florists usually use satin floral ribbon with a flat and waterproof finish. You can use this eye-catching bow for other things as well, for example, to embellish a gift basket or to add a flair to any special package. Opt for the ribbon that you think will work best according to your requirements.

To make a perfect floral bow, you will need a ribbon, ruler and scissors.


Instructions for making a floral bow out of ribbon:

Cut your ribbon into two pieces, one long (depending on your bow size, around 1 to 2 yards) and one short (around 12 inches).

Make a loop using the end of your long piece, then firmly twist.

Hold the twist with your one hand and create additional loop on the opposite side of your bow. Then, twist again.

Repeat the steps by creating alternating loops till you get your preferred size (ideal is to make four loops on every side). Additionally, you must still have some ribbon hanging that will be one of the tails.

Now, as a next step, tie the loops together by using the shorter piece of ribbon. Make a knot at one end, leave the second, longer end loose. Now this is the second half of the tail. Now, double knot to secure the bow.

Delicately trim the tails and fluff the loops individually for a prominent beautiful bow.


Simple Floral Bow

Simple floral bows are typically used in decorations, for tying bouquets, gifts and packages.


How much ribbon do you need to make a simple floral bow?

Honestly, a lot of ribbon is required for making this bow adequately puffy. You may need at least 2 meters. Decide your bow’s required diameter because then you will be able to make loops half of the set diameter. If you want your bow to look fuller and fluffier, then make at least 6 loops. Also, you will have to leave two tails. So, on the basis of this, determine how much you want– number of loops, the diameter of the bow and the tail’s length you want.

The floral bow is also known as French bow if its middle loop is comparatively much smaller than the other loops.

Use your thumb and forefinger to create a small loop from one end of the ribbon. Around the first loop make several loops, but a little bigger than the middle one.

Twist the ribbon to the other side after making each loop. So that the right side is always facing outside, leaving the long tail in the end. Now, by taking up the end of the tail, winding it inside the middle loop. Now, glue the tail behind the loop.

In the end, properly cut the loop in the middle which forms your tails. Now instead of looking for perfect double sided satin ribbons and red Christmas bows on the satin ribbon wholesale, you can make them on your own, easily.

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