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If you are planning a wedding, all the small details can soon become exhausting, but they make the world of difference. One easy and affordable way to make sure that your special day is perfect is to incorporate ribbon. This is a versatile and inexpensive way to make sure that your wedding is elegant, and adds the perfect pop of color. Use ribbon to create unique decorations that your friends and family will love, and will make your special day a little more unique. Cheap ribbon does not necessarily have to mean low quality, and there are a number of ways that it can be used to make it appear a lot more extravagant. Whether you are looking for bold, vibrant ribbons to thread through your centerpieces at your reception, or just some thin white ribbon to lace through your hair, there is something for everyone.


Find the right colorCheap ribbon

For a lot of weddings, the bridal party will often choose an accent color to complement their main, neutral colors. If you are looking for a cheap way to brighten up your event, the ribbon can be the perfect accessory. Ribbon companies often have numerous different shades of the same color, so you will have no issue finding one that perfectly matches what you have in your head.

Because of the wide variety on offer, the sky really is the limit when it comes to this form of decoration. Other decorations, such as flowers, can often be difficult to find in the perfect shade. Therefore it is recommended that if you want everything to match perfectly, choose your ribbon last – because you will always find the right ribbon to coordinate with everything else. Even if you don’t really have a bold accent color in mind for your wedding, you can never go wrong with silver or gold.


You can also layer accent color ribbons with neutral shades, to add depth to your decorations. When it comes to ribbon, often more is more! Don’t be afraid to layer thin white ribbon with something complimentary, such as thin gold ribbon, to create depth to your design. There is no shortage of ideas that you can pull inspiration from in order to create perfect decorations.


Find the right style

Once you have found the perfect color to accentuate your wedding, you now need to find the perfect style (or styles) of ribbon. Any decent ribbon company is going to have a number of different ribbon styles for you to choose from, such as texture, size and brightness, and this can often get overwhelming. When faced with all of the options in the store, try and remember what you need the ribbon for.

If you know that you want your ribbon to be gold (or any other color), you now need to decide exactly what purpose you are going to use it for. If you are looking to make a statement with ribbon, always opt for a thicker, more opaque style. Thick gold ribbon can draw attention to any features you want to stand out, such as the cake, or the flower bouquet. Alternatively, if you are simply looking for something to fill in space or add a little depth to something that is the center of attention, sheerer, thin gold ribbon might be better. This ensures that everyone’s attention is where it should be, but nothing is left plain and uninteresting.


Get creative!Cheap ribbon

There are a number of different ways that ribbon can be used at weddings, to make your special day feel perfect. Aside from the most common uses, such as tied around the flower bouquet, or around the wedding cake, the ribbon can be used to make photo walls or backdrops. No matter the weather or the actual scenery, make sure that you and your guests take perfect photos in front of this whimsical wall.

Color coordinate your backdrop with the theme of the wedding and mix it up with ribbons of different shades, and textures. In this instance, the thick gold ribbon would look great paired with thin white ribbon of a different texture, to give the backdrop some depth, and create stunning photos. Other people like to create streamers from the ceiling, which is a great option if you are hosting an outdoor wedding in tents, and want to make the space feel a little more elegant.


If you are looking for more inspiration on uses for ribbon, it is likely that the ribbon company you reach out to will have some excellent tips. They can give you advice on what kinds of ribbon to use, and what looks great when layered together. They may also have some great ideas on decorations or alternative uses for cheap ribbon, that will really complement your wedding.


Add the perfect finishing touch with custom ribbon

Almost any ribbon company you find will offer printing services, allowing you to create the perfect custom ribbon, allowing you to print whatever you want onto the plain ribbon. You can choose exactly what ribbon you want, and you can print something special on it, as the perfect finishing touch. Whether you choose to print the date of your wedding, your initials, or simply a beautiful symbol that represents your love, this makes the decoration feel so much more personal and intimate.

This is also a great option to make your decorations appear much more expensive and high quality, transforming even cheap ribbon into something luxurious. The thick gold ribbon would be a great choice to print a unique message on because it provides you with more space for designs. However, you can also incorporate some smaller designs onto thin gold ribbon for the perfect finishing touch.


If you cannot find a ribbon company near you that offer this service, there are also plenty of them online that you can choose from. If you do choose to order custom ribbon online, make sure you choose a reputable ribbon company, and one that will send your order to you in time.


Don’t forget to have fun!

Remember, your wedding is your big day, so make sure it turns out just the way that you want it! Ribbons are a great, versatile decoration that can be used to transform and space and fit any theme. The sky’s the limit when it comes to decoration, so let your imagination soar!






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