Baby showers are a time to experiment with imaginative decorations and show creativity. If you or anyone you know is hosting a children’s shower, diaper wreaths are a basic part of your design checklist. Although you can buy them from the shelves, diaper wreaths are more pleasing.

This is also an imaginative way to match it with various other decorations. Find an excellent supplier to buy organza ribbons, grosgrain ribbons, mesh bows, spandex chair covers, climbing tablecloths, etc. at a reasonable price. Below, I will definitely share a step-by-step procedure for making a charming baby diaper wreath.
Just how to make a diaper wreath?

You can use some basic crafting abilities, some objects and a few baby diapers to make amazing diaper wreaths. At the same time, it is an imaginative gift, and there are no guidelines on how to develop them and the factors that drive it. Generally speaking, baby diaper wreaths are made of cardboard base, and there are cells around the baby diaper. Some methods use untrained diapers, although most methods use garlands of removable baby diapers with colored ribbons.

A packed animal is usually placed in a wreath facility. If you really feel more creative, you can make a rag pet for it. Most of the products needed to make it will be displayed at home or quickly available in your online supply store.
Diaper Garland Supplies

Before you start, please prepare all these products:

Baby diapers
white paper
Decorative belt (wide).
Attractive waistband (narrow).
Warm glue tool.
Glue stick.
Rubber band.
double-sided tape.
Popsicle stick.

Step 1: Cut the opening and position the bow hair.

First use craft scissors to punch holes in the cardboard base. The hole must be approximately 2 inches from the middle of the base. There must be a rolled up baby diaper between each opening, which is connected to the base with a bow. You need to cut 22 6-inch long bows, 11 of which are from the long bow and 11 inches from the thin bow.

You should pass them through the hole to form a hole in the front and keep the movable end on the back loose. On the other hand, you can separate the large and thin bows, or let them spread out all the time.

Step 2: Roll up and stuff the baby diaper.

Now, roll each diaper into a bundle and fix it with a rubber band. To make a diaper wreath, cut 22 bows to cover the diaper. Use warm adhesive to cover your baby’s diaper and hide the elastic band. After that, you should fold the diaper roll into a ribbon loop.

Step 3: Fasten the ribbon.

Then, attach the ribbon to the bottom of the diaper roll. Use thermal adhesive to fix and secure the diaper roll.

Tip 4: Add baby products.

Accumulate some baby products, such as feeding bottles, pacifiers, baby cream bottles, etc. You should use bow knots to connect these ribbons to the base from the side, and fix them in place with limited knots. Using warm adhesive to hold them in place is also excellent.

Step 5: Glue the ribbon and hang the wreath.

Take a large strip and cut a size to make a ring for hanging a garland. Then cover it on the base ring at both ends and connect a safety and safety knot. With the help of hot glue, glue the remaining ribbon to the base, making sure that only the pointer of the ring appears from the front end.

Action 6: Add a soft plaything.

You should bring some stuffing, the weight should be within the inner diameter of the wreath. Your garland can be wrapped around the neck of a plush pet without fixing it in any way.

These are simple instructions for making a basic baby diaper wreath using rolled baby diapers and ribbons. You can find reputable suppliers to buy webbing, tulle, cloth bags, etc.