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How to make a ribbon flower for Mother's Day?

2013-05-07  |  DIY Kits

Mother's Day is coming,do you want give your mother a special gift?Instead of buying gifts, you can fold a rose with ribbons,This is a step by step guide on the way of folding a rose with ribbon!

What you need:

<1>Grosgrain Ribbon

<2>sticky green tape



1.Start on the right end of the ribbon. Fold it downwards about (45 degree angle).

2.Start rolling going left, this will be your center roll.
ribbon flower

3.Roll about two circles. Start by taking the long end, and fold it backwards, and wrap it around the center. Shape it into a rose as you go.

ribbon4.While one hand is wrapping, make sure the other hand is holding the bottom stem part. Never let the stem go, or it will become loose.

DIY ribbon5.Repeat until you have about 1 inch of ribbon left, fold it in half, and wrap it around the stem that you started with in the beginning.

Grosgrain Ribbon
6.You can wrap clear tape around the stem so that it will not loosen. Take your green wire and stick it in the ribbon stem part.

ribbon gift
7.Use 2-3 inches of your sticky green tape and wrap the stem, from the top of the stem going down.

8.You can make several roses and put them in a nice vase. This makes a great decoration in your home. It also makes a great gift for the ladies in your life - on Valentine's day or Mother's Day!

discount ribbonAll Done!It's so easy,Right?

Author: Yama Ribbon